Dreams Come True for Chalice Gift Catalog Recipients

A common struggle for families at our sponsor sites is finding consistent employment. When you add barriers like a disability or coming from a stigmatized community, it becomes nearly impossible to find work. Your support of small business setup through the Chalice gift catalog increases self-worth, restores confidence, and provides a small stable source of income for families in need. Infected with polio as a child, Kavitha's legs are paralyzed, making it impossible for her to walk. She lives in Madurai, India with her brother. Her parents are deceased. Kavitha is grateful to have the support of her brother, who makes a modest living as a tailor. Kavitha was eager to contribute to their living expenses, and with great joy she was selected to receive the gift of a small business setup from the Chalice gift catalog. She purchased a vendor cart.

Kavitha is very grateful for the generosity of supporters who made her dream a reality. Her cart has greatly improved both her finances and her self-confidence. She is forever grateful to her brother, who helps her buy supplies and stocks the cart, while she handles the sales with a huge smile on her face. Having this business has improved her self-worth and allows her to live with dignity.

gift of small business help empowers woman

Dharani lives in a leprosy colony because his father is affected with leprosy; his mother is blind and can't work. The stigma and fear of leprosy is still prevalent throughout India, limiting both educational and employment opportunities for those affected. Dharani worked hard, assisting other carpenters in order to learn the trade, but without the proper tools it was hard for him to find work.

Dharani works for himself with the gift of tools.

Dharani's prayers were answered thanks to supporters of the gift catalog. "Thanks to your support I was able to buy a few machines," writes Dharani. "This will help me work faster and get hired for more projects. I thank you dear donor, for your timely help and support. I remember and pray for you."

You can make a dream come true for someone in need and honor a friend or loved one by purchasing the gift in their name from the Chalice gift catalog online or email info@chaliceus.org to request a paper copy.

— Heather Little, Communications Specialist

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