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Rising food prices and environmental factors like drought and crop shortages are some of the challenges faced.



We are striving to build healthy communities. We understand healthy communities start with healthy families.


Skills@Chalice Phase II India

In India, the job market is thriving due to economic growth. Unfortunately, those who couldn't attend school miss out on opportunities due to lack of skills. With no formal certificate, they earn lower wages and are often exploited by employers. .
Skills @ Chalice trains youth and women between the ages of 19-45 for the job market.


Community Projects

There are many uncompleted projects in our communities that will help the people rise up, and it starts with your help!


Disaster Relief

Natural Disasters affect so many people’s lives. Help families and communities rebuild their lives after natural disaster strikes! 

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“love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand”—Mother Theresa