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It all started when…

Chalice US is a global Catholic child sponsorship program that supports missionary work in fifteen countries at 57 sites. Our purpose is connecting one another in Christ’s love to educate children to achieve their fullest potential, empowering families with life-changing resources, and transforming lives from poverty to opportunity.

Sponsoring a child, teen, or young adult with Chalice US is different because we employ Family Funding (FF) to dispense sponsorship funds. Each parent or guardian joins a small community group, opens a bank account and receives training in basic financial literacy to help them manage their child's sponsorship funds. The parent groups meet monthly to submit a budget for what they need and receipts for subsequent purchases. Group members also contribute a small amount to group savings, which is distributed as a loan for education or income generation projects. The members of our family groups are accountable to one another and support each other through common social issues and problems.

We began in Canada in 1996 as Christian Child Care International and changed our name to Chalice in January 2008.

Today our main administration continues in Bedford, Nova Scotia. In July of 2017 we expanded our mission to the United States and opened the office of Chalice US in Chicago.

In Canada, Chalice has been recognized by MoneySense Magazine as one of the best run Canadian charities for the past six years. Chalice US follows the same strict guidelines for financial integrity.

Through all the changes since our inception, our core purpose remains the same. We create relationships rooted in Christ's love.

Every Sponsor Site we assist is under local direction. We believe that those who live and experience the difficulties of poverty in developing countries are also the most knowledgeable and capable of responding to its effects. We work with Catholic sisters, priests, and laypeople to educate youth, and empower their families and communities. No child is turned away based on gender, race, or religion.

Since its inception in Canada, Chalice has grown to serve more than 50,000 children and elderly. We invite you to join Chalice US to make an even greater impact across the world for those we are privileged to serve in Christ’s name.