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Changing Lives.

We are a Catholic nonprofit dedicated to educating youth & empowering families living in poverty in the developing world. See how $33 a month can change lives!

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Our Impact

When you sponsor a child, teen, or young adult with Chalice US, you empower a community. Your generosity changes lives through five main areas of focus: Education, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene, Family Livelihood and Community Development.

Our child sponsorship program is unique in that we employ Direct Family Funding. Chalice recognizes that when given the support and encouragement, parents and guardians will make good decisions that benefit their family.

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Your Impact

Your sponsorship impacts your sponsored child and their family too! They receive educational support, school materials, books and fees, improved nutrition, medical care, clothing, footwear and other necessities. Parents or guardians of sponsored children participate in community groups called family circles where they have a role in deciding how they will allocate sponsorship funds to effect change with training and support from Chalice staff.

Sponsor with Chalice US today and see how $33 a month can change lives!




No child is turned away based on
gender, race, or religion.




Every sponsor site is under local
direction. We work with Catholic
Sisters, Priests, and laypeople to
educate youth and empower their
families and communities.




We are changing lives; educating children
to achieve their fullest potential, empowering families, and transforming poverty to opportunity.



Ways to Give

There are many ways you can contribute through Chalice US. We have other programs that address the needs of people suffering in poverty. There is no such thing as an insignificant gift. Here are some of the programs where we can help the world to live as one.



In regions with good soils and favorable climatic conditions for agricultural production Chalice develops projects aimed at encouraging the use of sustainable agricultural technologies to produce food for school-aged children by schools and farming communities. The goal is to increase food security and livelihood development for households.


The Nutrition Fund gives children at our sites who may not be sponsored supplemental meals to allow them to focus on their school work and be prepared for opportunities they deserve in the future.


Chalice requests funds for Critical Needs on a case-by-case basis. Needs can vary from emergency surgery or medical treatments to nutritional support for people facing health challenges.



And more

Focus your support where it’s needed most. Additional programs include: Community Projects, Disaster Relief, Skills Development, Gift Catalogs (Seasonally), and Legacy Gifts.