Child Sponsor Sites Receive the Gift of Clean Water

Students benefitting from Catholic child sponsorship programs help install new water tank.

In mid-April of this year, Fr. Binoy Puthussery, the director of Chalice’s Mbinga, Tanzania sponsor site happily received funds for requested items from the 19th annual gift catalog. Like Fr. Binoy, directors from Chalice’s additional sponsor sites in the 15 other countries where we work, are able to make a difference for people in need when their requests for items from the gift catalog are met. With the addition this year of a gift catalog from Chalice US, the potential for providing life-changing gifts has expanded exponentially.

Fr. Binoy was happy to report that four schools at the Songea sub-site were each recipients of a Water System, catalog item number 603. Each school has about 1000 students.

“Water scarcity in these schools was a big problem for the students. It was affecting their regular schedules and their academic performance. Through the gift catalogue these schools bought pipes to bring water from far away resources. They also bought big water tanks to preserve the water. The tanks are kept on high concrete stands which were also built by the gift catalogue help they received. The staff and students of these schools are very grateful to all the sponsors and Chalice for this gift to them,” Fr. Binoy said.

Donations from the gift catalog benefit not only families supported through Chalice’s child sponsorship programs but also other people in the community who are in need as well. Although Chalice is a Catholic organization, no one is turned away because of race or religion. This holiday season you might find the perfect gift for a loved one or friend in the Chalice US gift catalog. When you choose a gift from the many options available, a card is sent to your friend or loved one letting them know the gift you have chosen in their name and that it will be received by someone in need this holiday season.

— Beatrice Maynor, Web Content Editor, Chalice US