Chalice Catholic Child Sponsorship Programs are Making Connections

Chalice is about making connections; between children in need and people who can teach and empower them at sponsor sites. And Chalice is about making connections between those children who need access to our sponsor sites and people who want to sponsor a child and provide them with the opportunity to participate in our Catholic child sponsorship programs. Oksana is one person with whom children at the Ternopil Sponsor Site in Ukraine are fortunate to make a connection. She has a heart for helping children in need and an ability to see their gifts and talents. Although her training is in biology, she felt called to the Ternopil Sponsor Site in 2012 and finds great joy in serving the sponsored children in Kozova.

Oksana and Vasyl stand by a display of his wood crafts.

Oksana takes great care to nurture a child’s talents and interests to help them achieve their goals. She has received well deserved recognition in her community through her involvement in arranging various activities at the local library for the sponsored children. From celebrations, contests, and parties to performances, lectures and master classes, she breathes life and love into everything she does. Oksana’s individual approach and caring attitude toward each child makes them blossom.

Oksana also has a wonderful ability to make children’s dreams come true. After receiving a gift of an accordion, Hrystyna showed great dedication and passion. Through hard work and a lot of practice she was able to join the Musical College last year. In gratitude, Hrystyna performed a solo concert for sponsored families in the area last December.

Another youth in which Oksana recognized an incredible talent is Vasyl, a 15-year-old boy, who is disabled but has a great skill for carving. He received a tool set from the Chalice Gift Catalog which allowed Vasyl to make amazing pieces of art which he has shown throughout the community.

Oksana recognized Lyusyna's talent for art at the Chalice Ternopil Sponsor Site in Ukraine.

Diana has aptitude for writing poems and her dream for many years was to publish a poetry booklet. Oksana gathered her poems, printed and bound them and presented the booklet to Diana at the St. Nikolas party at the sponsor site.

Another child Oksana has encouraged is Lyusyna, an 8-year-old girl with disabilities who has dreams of becoming an artist. Unfortunately, her parents were unable to afford art classes and didn’t really recognize their daughter’s talent. Oksana encouraged Lyusyna, however, and presented her with a gift for a master class in a private art studio for her birthday. Lyusyna was ecstatic. The art teacher said that she is very skillful which has not only improved Lyusyna’s self-esteem but awarded her the opportunity to take free drawing classes to help develop her talent further.

Oksana’s dedication has brought positive changes to the Kozova community. Oksana says the best part of her job is seeing the smiling faces and rays of hope in the eyes of children when they succeed. This drives her passion to help people who are struggling to survive. May God bless her and her heart for all that she does.