Catholic Child Sponsorship Programs Support Elders Too

Chalice Catholic child sponsorship programs not just for kids.

Alberto is 81 years old.  He is a very active person, despite his advanced age. He receives a basic pension from the State that is not enough to cover all his basic needs. To compensate, he works sporadically as a construction worker.

Alberto's health is compromised because he has a deviation in his spine that affects his ability to walk. He also suffers from hypertension and osteoarthritis. Despite these challenges, Alberto worked on the construction of the addition of a second floor for the Parish Center of Cristo Hermano Church at the Arica Sponsor Site in Chile.

One of the members of the Sharing Christ Chalice Mission to Chile, which was in part tasked with helping with the parish center renovations, noticed Alberto. She was moved to see him working in precarious health conditions and decided to sponsor him. Since that day Alberto feels that his life has changed because he receives support from his sponsor.

— Veronica Herrera, Site Director, Arica Sponsor Site, Chile

Editor's Note: As of this year Chalice supports more than 50,000 children through our Catholic child sponsorship programs. At sponsor sites where Direct Family Funding (DFF) is implemented, not only the child benefits, but the entire family and community are empowered. A small number of sponsorships specifically support elders. Although you can find children in need of sponsorship on the Chalice US website, elders are not featured. If you are interested in supporting an elder please send us a message at