Spring Catalog

Give the Gift of Animals this Spring

Bursts of vivid colors springing from flower beds, birds chirping happily in the trees and the happy sound of kids playing outside are all signs that spring has finally arrived! The Chalice Spring Catalog is full of wonderful giving options to honor someone in your life while providing a practical gift to someone in need. From birthdays and graduations to baptisms, first communions and confirmations the gift catalog makes gift giving easy and meaningful.

The gift of animals is the gift that keeps on giving by providing families with a source of food and the opportunity to earn a small income. According to the Ghana Ministry of Food and Agriculture, “Pig production is a lucrative economic venture that can be practiced by low income livestock farmers at the farm level. When properly managed, pig production can improve the economic, social and health status of farmers.”

A recent thank you letter from a family in Ghana who received a pair of pigs from the gift catalog reads, “Thank you for the support of pigs that we received to rear. We promise not to let them down and we believe this will go a long way to help us. Rearing of animals is popular here but because of poverty many of us find it difficult to purchase them ourselves. It is our belief and hope that God will continue to pour His holy mercies upon you so that you will continue to have in mind about the poor and needy people to grow up happy and successful in the future. We will always remember you in our prayers so that the good Lord will continue to bless you abundantly.”


The gift of animals lifts people up, “Self-reliance promotes human dignity and dignity brings about personal identity,” explains our Kawambwa Sponsor Site in Kenya in a recent gift catalog report. “Parents of sponsored children need to be empowered and live independent lives, and these can only happen through entrepreneurship. Thanks Chalice for bringing the face of our parents on board and for thinking of them by providing chicks and animal feeds. May the good Lord bless you all.”

Give a meaningful present this spring through the Chalice Spring Gift Catalog. Gifts can be purchased online or by calling 1-855-444-5432.

Linda Gurklis