Spring traditions at our sponsor sites   

Spring has arrived at many of our sponsor sites around the world. A fresh new season marks the time for yearly traditions in many communities. We’re happy to share a few of the activities happening at our sites this spring season.

In the northern hemisphere, March and April is the beginning of warmer weather. Our sites in India, Haiti, Guatemala, Ukraine, the Philippines, and some areas of Africa are enjoying a rise in temperatures. For many families, this is the start of growing season, a time of life and vitality.

At our Bulacan site in the Philippines, children and site staff have planted a community vegetable garden. Children have an opportunity to work hands on in the garden preparing soil, tending to plants, and harvesting crops.

In Ukraine, many families make a living from their home farms. Fruit trees and vegetables are commonly grown, and allow parents to supplement their children’s diets with nutritious food. Extra produce is usually sold within the community, allowing other rural families to enjoy fresh food without enduring a long commute.

Spring also marks the start of a number of religious traditions. In the Philippines, a predominantly Roman Catholic nation, there is nothing greater than to receive Jesus through the Eucharist. Recently, sponsored children from our Samar site received the Holy Eucharist for the first time during their First Holy Communion.

Easter is also quickly approaching, a highly anticipated holiday at many of our sites. In Paraguay, Holy Week is deeply rooted in tradition. Communities join together for prayer, reflection and family sharing, and have a celebration filled with dancing, performances, and food. Children have been busy learning the dances and traditional recipes in preparation.

ukraine easter banners 2019_3.jpg

At our Ternopil site in Ukraine, women and children have been meticulously preparing traditional household Easter baskets. Making Easter baskets is considered an important ceremony in Ukraine. Girls are taught this tradition by their mothers, and the knowledge is passed down in each family. These Easter baskets are considered to be a powerful connection to God, and each item holds significant religious symbolism.

We hope that all of our sponsored children, donors, and supporters have a joyous spring season, and celebrate a blessed Easter filled with the peace and love of Christ.