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Our Mission

Our Mission: To bring Christ to the poor and the poor to Christ.
Our Value Statement: Sharing Christ with all in need.
Our Core Values: Faith, Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, Respect.

Chalice US is a Catholic nonprofit that primarily supports community initiatives in 15 countries through the sponsorship of children and elderly in need.

Chalice began in Canada in 1996 as Christian Child Care International, an independent Canadian Catholic child sponsorship organization. Our name changed to Chalice in January 2008. Throughout all of our changes the core of Chalice has remained the same. We are a ministry of the Catholic community, creating relationships of life and love wherever we serve.

Since its inception Chalice Canada has grown to serve almost 50,000 children and elderly. Our goal is to share our message throughout the United States and spread Chalice’s mission to share Christ’s love with all in need through Chalice US.

Why donate through Chalice US?

  • Chalice commits over 90 percent of its spending in support of programs.
  • Every Sponsor Site we assist is under local direction. We work closely with lay people, religious missionaries and local communities, believing that those who live and experience the difficulties of poverty in developing countries are also those most knowledgeable and capable of responding to its effects.
  • Those accepted into the sponsorship program are received based on need regardless of gender, race or religious affiliation.
  • In Canada, Chalice has been recognized by MoneySense Magazine as one of the best run Canadian Charities for the past 6 years. Chalice US follows the same guidelines for financial integrity.

Your Chalice US sponsorship provides a lifeline to families struggling with poverty.

Your monthly gift directly benefits your sponsored friend to help them meet their daily needs. But the impact runs much deeper. Your gift gives a guardian the means to care for their family needs as a whole.

  • All sponsored children must be enrolled in school (if they are mentally and physically able), but beyond this parents or guardians decide what their family needs to thrive.
  • With guidance from site staff and a local group of guardians (mostly mothers and grandmothers), families decided what they need to succeed.
  • This can include: Nutritious food, health care, education and skills training, improved living conditions or start-up funds for a small business or farm.
  • Chalice recognizes that when given the support and encouragement, caregivers will make good decisions that benefit their family.



President's Message

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— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer


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